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"Maighdean Mhara" (Cleanser and Toner)

Inspired by the sea, "Maighdean Mhara" (Mermaid in Irish) offers something very refreshing indeed.

The cost of some Cleansers and Toners are crazy, and a lot contain not so healthy ingredients. In an effort to make something both exceptionally good for your skin (cruelty free and natural) and light on your pocket, we have created this beautiful dual combination set to help with both needs.

Beauty need not be expensive and it should always be good for your skin!

At Sorcha Cosmetics, we have a strong "Cruelty Free" ethos.

We listen to what you say, we create products that offer the moderne woman all the necessary tools to tackle life's challenges while ensuring her skin is rich deep in beautiful natural ingredients that leave her glowing.

Created using essential oils, natural organic butters and oils, it is sure to be a wise investment.

The Toner is Pure Jasmine Water, The Cleanser, natural butters oils and essential oils. The Benefits are VAST.

Check out our Facebook Page for more information or visit our Website!

SC x

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