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Our three "Go to" Autumnal Essential Oil's!

So now that we have moved into the season of Autumn, the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and morph into all kinds of glorious colours, shapes and sizes. From roasting red’s to warm browns to burnt orange’s to murky green’s, there is a real feel of Change in the air and I for one, Love it!

October is my most favorite month, it always has been.

It is the time of year we move into the new, the unknown. It is a season of change and with that comes great possibility!

With all this beautiful natural wonder floating and flying about us, we incorporate that feel into our Wellness Room's and trap and tap it's wondrous frequencies to create the most beautiful of scents, treatments and products @ Sorcha Cosmetics.

We look to the following Natural essential oils and with their unique therapeutic properties we create incredibly relaxing, uplifting and beneficial treatments and products for our clients.

With our chosen EO below, we offer significant help to boost the immune system in order to stay strong and fighting fit, as this time of year, although magnificent, can bring many colds, flu and sickness...

So let's get to it!.....

The first Essential Oil we look towards during this beautiful season is Citrus Aurantium Var.Sinensis fruct (Sweet Orange).

This EO (essential oil), is from the plant family "Rutaceae"

It comes from the peel of the plant and has many incredible therapeutic properties. Not only is it a natural Anti-Depressant, it is also Antiseptic, a Lymphatic stimulant but it is also a cholagogue. It is a marvel!

There are many ways we can safely and respectfully utilize this beautiful essential oil, whether through a diffuser, a topical application (Massage / Beauty Products) or even as a room mist - It has so many fantastic beneficial uses.

Sweet Orange has an uplifting scent and its properties are vast, we not only diffuse this oil in our clinic, but we also incorporate it into our warm autumnal massage blend's to work alongside other essential oils to create the perfect synergistic blend to help relax, heal and calm the central nervous system.

The Second Essential Oil we love to use in Autumn, is Mentha x Piperita (Peppermint).

This EO is a wonderful natural Analgesic. It is excellent for relieving nausea, vomiting, headaches and migraine, colds flu and sinus problems.

(Well diluted can also relieve skin itching and irritation)

(NB: @ Sorcha Cosmetics we offer a vast range of natural skin care for all conditions, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can then offer you the best natural blend(s) to help rectify and heal your condition, safely and naturally)*

The Third EO we look to is Santalum album (Sandalwood).

Sandalwood is very popular oil among men and it is used in most male beauty products (shaving oils / gels / aftershaves). It is a beautiful "Earthy" oil with incredible therapeutic properties. It is used mainly in skin care (It is a big feature in our Men's skin range), It is excellent for Acne, dry and mature skin and it also is exceptional for helping with Bronchitis, Catarrh, soar throats, cystitis, stress and even insomnia!

...And there you have it!

Our Three "Go to blends" for this beautiful October month! These Essential oils will work alongside other EO of our choice depending on the persons own individual requirements.

Why not drop us an email or visit our website to see the many beautiful products we have for you! (info@sorchacosmetics.com

(Please know that all of our products @ Sorcha Cosmetics are made Fresh and are made to order. You can order online through our website above).

We also offer a range of Beauty and Holistic Treatments at our Wellness Rooms in Blackpool, Cork City - come and say hi!)

Remember... Healthy Body - Healthy Mind - Happy Life!

Happy October to you all!

Sorcha Cosmetics x

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